DermaLIFT Galvanic Ion Machine

For clearer, healthier, younger looking skin
Annique’s DERMALIFT galvanic-Ion device will help to smooth wrinkles and fine lines and revitalise your skin when used in conjunction with your Annique skincare products.

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Now you can have the benefits of a salon professional treatment in your own home!

Galvanic current technology has been used for many years in skin care treatments, mostly in professional spa and salon treatments. Galvanic massage is now accessible to everyone with Annique’s DermaLIFT Galvanic-Ion treatment device.

Annique’s DERMALIFT is a galvanic hand held-device with low level galvanic current, massage, ion and infrared treatment programmes. It helps to transport essential nutrients to the skin, draws impurities out of the skin, and will improve the working of your Annique products and therefore visibly improve your skin. With DERMALIFT your skin becomes clearer, younger and healthier. Now you can have the benefits of a salon professional treatment in your own home! Your skin will look visibly younger and smoother.

You only need about 16 minutes a day, comfortably at home, to help target the signs of skin aging, increase cellular production, prevent and reduce wrinkles, improving the tone and elasticity.  DermaLIFT is non-surgical, without toxins or injections.

DermaLIFT helps to transport essential nutrients to the skin, draws impurities out of the skin, and will improve the working of your Annique products and therefore visibly improve your skin. With DermaLIFT your skin becomes clearer, younger and healthier.

We recommend using the DermaLIFT in rotating movements working from the inner parts of the face to the outer parts of the face.  Do not linger treatment when working over the eye contours as the eye areas skin tissue is thinner and needs less time for the DermaLIFT to show results.  After 30 days of following the DermaLIFT regime and skin treatment, you will only need to use the DermaLIFT once or twice a week to maintain the results.

DermaLIFT Q&A:

Q: What does the DermaLIFT machine do? A: In short, DermaLIFT improves cleansing function and the absorption of your Annique skincare products – improving the results of the active ingredients.

Q: How does DermaLIFT work? A: You can set your age and the intensity level on the device before you start. Select each phase starting with cleansing, massage, nutrition and ending with lifting. The machine automatically switches off after every phase. You should also use specific/selected Annique products with each phase.

Q: Can I use the DermaLIFT without Annique products?

A: No, DermaLIFT was designed to compliment and enhance the working of Annique’s skincare and body care products. You will not see results without using Annique’s skincare products with DermaLIFT.

Q: How does DermaLIFT compare to other galvanic machines currently on the market?

A: DermaLIFT is a 4-in-1 machine combining galvanic current, massage, high frequency and infrared treatment actions. Other popular galvanic machines only provide galvanic current.

  1. Annique’s DermaLIFT has four phases, namely cleansing, massage, nutrition and lifting, each addressing specific skin care needs. Other machines only have two phases (pre-treatment and treatment).
  2. You can set DermaLIFT according to your own age and intensity level required.
  3. DermaLIFT is affordable – less than half the price of some galvanic machines with three additional and beneficial actions included! In some cases you also need to use specific products that amount to about R90 per treatment. You can just use your normal Annique products with Annique’s DermaLIFT.

Q: Can I only use one phase and not go through all four phases every day? A: No, for optimal results it is recommended that you use all four phases with every treatment. Each phase prepares the skin for the phase that follows.

Q: I am pregnant, can I use DermaLIFT? A: Pregnant women should avoid using DermaLIFT.

Q: I have fillings, can I use DermaLIFT? A: Yes, you can just make sure you keep your mouth open and not clench your teeth during the treatment.

Q: I have a pacemaker, can I use DermaLIFT? A: No, DermaLIFT should not be used with any implanted device that uses a frequency.

Q: I have epilepsy, can I use DermaLIFT? A: Consult your health care practitioner if you have epilepsy before using DermaLIFT.

Q: Can I use DermaLIFT if I have had facial surgery or skin cancer? A: DermaLIFT is safe to use after one has undergone facial surgery. Do not use DermaLIFT on skin cancer areas, but if the cancer has been removed and the wound has healed, DermaLIFT may be used to improve the appearance of the scar.

Q: Can I use DermaLIFT on varicose veins? A: No, it is not recommended that you use DermaLIFT directly on varicose veins. Rather use Annique’s Decrease Cellulite Cream and Re-Define Cooling Gel for this problem.

Q: How often should I use DermaLIFT? A: Normal, oily and dry skin types – once a day for the first month and then once or twice a week thereafter. Sensitive and problem skin – every 3-4 days for the first month and then once a week thereafter. Problem skin types are likely to experience a detox breakout within the first two week of use. Don’t be discouraged by this, this is normal and the skin will improve 4-5 days.

Q: Can I use DermaLIFT for body treatments? A: Yes, especially cellulite and sagging skin on the body improves very well with DermaLIFT. You can even use it on your scalp.

Q: You say that you need to use DermaLIFT once a day. Can I use DermaLIFT once a day on my face and then again on my body as well? A: Yes, you can use DermaLIFT once a day for facial treatment and then again that same day for a body treatment. Don’t apply to the same area more than once a day.

Q: Why do I need to touch both metal plates on the side of DermaLIFT while I am using the device? A: DermaLIFT uses galvanic current (negative and positively charged current draw impurities out of the skin and deliver nutrients deeper into the skin). For the current to work effectively, it needs to have a closed circuit or loop. It is advised to dampen your hand with water before treatment with DermaLIFT.

Q: Can I use DermaLIFT in a facial treatment when I do home treatments for my customers? A: Yes. DermaLIFT is not recommended for beauty salon use, it is a hand held device to be used at home. You can use it as part of a facial treatment for customers; you just need to make sure that you hold your customer’s hand while you are using DermaLIFT on her skin to close the galvanic circuit.

Q: When can I expect to see results with DermaLIFT? A: You can expect to see results after the first use.

Q: How do I clean my DermaLIFT? A: You can wipe DermaLIFT with a damp cloth and a normal disinfectant. Do not immerse DermaLIFT in water.

Q: From what age can you start using DermaLIFT? A: It is recommended that DermaLIFT can be used from the age of 15 years.

Q: Can I use DermaLIFT on my eye area? A: Yes, but not on top of the eyes. You can use DermaLIFT around the eye on the bone area and on the eye brow. Do not use directly on eye lids.

Testimonial: "I spend 16 minutes a day of pure bliss with my DermaLIFT – a good book, a cosy bed and a facelift… all in one!" Angelique du Toit

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