Unbaked Strawberry Cheesecake
 Almond Crust
• 200 g ground almonds
• 1 - 2 egg whites, slightly whisked Filling
• 10 g (1 sachet) gelatine
• 250 ml cream, chilled
• 2 x 250 g smooth cottage cheeseLifestyle Shake Cake
• 60 - 90 ml sweetener
• 160 ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, strawberry flavour
• Strawberries, cut into slices for decoration
Combine the almonds and egg white and
press into the base and sides of a
pie dish, 23 cm in diameter.

Sponge the gelatine over 30 ml of water and
then dissolve in the microwave oven. Do not
allow to boil. Beat the cream, cottage cheese
and shake well and mix in the gelatine. Spoon
into the prepared crust and chill until set.
Decorate with strawberry slices. Yields a
medium tart.
Baked marble cheesecake

Chocolate Marble Cheese CakeCRUST
• 2 egg whites
• 200g pecan nuts, finely chopped

• 3 eggs
• 3 tubs (250g each) cream cheese
• 125ml cream
• 60 - 90ml sweetener
• 80ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, chocolate or chai flavour
• 2ml instant coffee powder
• Preheat the oven to 160°C

Crust: Whip the egg whites until frothy and add the nuts. Mix well
and press into the base of a dish and sides of a well buttered
loose-bottom pan, 22cm in diameter.

Filling: Combine all the ingredients, excluding the shake and coffee
powder, for the filling and divide in two-thirds and a third. Spoon the two
thirds in the prepared pan. Stir the shake and instant coffee powder into
the one third and ladle spoonfuls of filling into the pan. Take a sosatie
stick and lightly stir through the chocolate or chai mixture so that the
filling is marbled by the chocolate part. Bake for 45 minutes until the
filling has set. Leave to cool in the oven. Yields 1 medium cheesecake.
Rooibos Punch Recipe

750 ml Strong, cold Rooibos tea
250 ml Pineapple juice
200 ml Apple juiceRooibos Punch
1 can (100g) Granadilla pulp
1 can Fruit cocktail (optional)
Crushed ice
Glazed cherries
Fresh pineapple cubes
Fresh mint chopped
You could add the following or alternate the juices:
250ml Soda water or lemonade
250ml Orange juice or apricot juice.

1. Mix the tea, pineapple juice, granadilla pulp and ice.
2. Decorate with cherries, pineapple cubes and mint.
3. Serve chilled
Fluffy Strawberry Dessert

• 15ml gelatine
• 25ml cold water
• 500ml Bulgarian yoghurtStrawberry Dessert
• 60ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, strawberry flavour
• 45ml sweetener
• 250ml whipped cream
• Fresh strawberries

Sprinkle the gelatine over 25ml cold water and leave for a few minutes. Heat slightly in the microwave
oven until the gelatine has just melted. Do not allow to boil. Combine the yoghurt and shake and whisk
well until the shake is completely dissolved. Add the gelatine and stir well. Then add the sweetener, mix
thoroughly and fold in the cream. Spoon into small glasses and chill until set. Decorate each with a fresh
strawberry. Makes approximately 6 – 8 glasses.
Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate yoghurt cream.
• 300 g dark chocolate, grated or coarsely chopped
• 100 g pecan nuts, chopped
• 5 extra-large eggs, separated
• 60 ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, chocolate flavour
• 1 ml cream of tartar
• 45 ml sweetener
• 15 ml corn flour

Preheat the oven to 160°C. Butter a 23 cm loosebottom
cake tin well. Combine the chocolate
and nuts. Place in the fridge. Whisk the egg
yolks and Annique Lifestyle Shake until light andChocolate Cake
thick. Whisk the egg whites, cream of tartar and
sweetener until stiff peaks form. Sift the corn flour
on to the mixture and fold in. Combine the nut
mixture and the egg yolk mixture, fold in the
whipped egg whites and pour into the prepared
pan. Bake for 40 - 45 minutes until done and the
cake loosens from the sides. Serve with chocolate
yoghurt cream and ice-cream (see recipe) if desired.

Chocolate yoghurt cream:
• 250 ml natural yoghurt
• 250 ml whipped cream
• 45 ml Annique Lifestyle Shake, chocolate flavour
Combine all the ingredients and serve a spoonful
with each helping of chocolate cake.



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