Dear Annique Online Team

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service! The website is easy to use and your service is very professional. I have used Annique products before and I will definitely make use of Annique Online in the future.

Kind Regards
Cayla Dunn


Kim du Toit

ToniQ+ is my favourite Annique health product as it has proved to be the perfect solution to the discomforts caused by PMS. The bloatedness and numbness vanishes a short while after a few drops of ToniQ+ are placed under my tongue. Where I used to take numerous painkillers on the first (and worst) day, I now no longer need to. The pain disappears faster than when using painkillers and is far healthier for my body. This is just one of the many benefits of ToniQ+. It also settles me beautifully when I am nervous, stressed, tense, feeling a cold coming on and in my day to day living. I highly recommend ToniQ+.


Nellie Potgieter

“I have been taking two well known retail supplements for my painful joints. When I started taking Super Rooibos6 for another reason, I found I didn’t need the joint supplements anymore. Thank you Rooibos and Annique!”


Marion Green

“Thank you for Super Rooibos and ToniQ+! I’ve been using both now for two and a half weeks and my painful knees have disappeared!
They feel well oiled and smooth inside now! Three cheers to Annique and the team!”


Getroue Annique aanhanger, Dorette Gerber 

Julle Diamond Shimmer Lotion het my opnuut weer soos 'n pragtige vrou laat voel en lyk. Ek het onlangs 50 geword en het die Lotion as 'n wenner ontdek. Die pragtige glitter laat my skitter soos 'n diamant en laat my sommer pragtig en baie vroulik voel. Ek tik net 'n bietjie op my nek en voorarms en dan lyk my hande en arms sommer baie jonger en vrouliker. Diamond Shimmer Body Lotion is beslis 'n groot aanwins en maak nou 'n prominente deel uit van my gereëlde Annique produkte wat ek al vir meer as 16 jaar getrou (met goeie gevolge!) gebruik. Ek is oortuig daarvan dat talle ander vroue seerseker ook, net soos ek, die sensasie en opwinding van dié Lotion ontdek! 


Walda Botha

 “I know what works!”
I have been using Annique products on-and-off since 1981 – the reason for the on-and-off being that I get bored with the same products
and then switch to something else. Every time I switch back to Annique, people compliment me on how good my skin looks. I am 57 years old and compliments like that are much appreciated! I use the Annique Scrub every day, regardless of which company's products I'm using. I have found that by mixing the Revitalising Cream and my moisturiser in my hand it lasts longer and applies easier to my skin.

I don't think I'll bother finding other products – now I know what works! Thanks for a great product!!!


Yolinda Fourie | Dealer Operations Supervisor |  Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa

Dear Annique Online,

The service was excellent, thank you so much. I could not have asked for better.
I am a great fan of Annique and love the Annique products. I won't use anything else and making use of the website to order is amazing!

Thanks again for the awesome products and service.



Ashleigh Keulemans

Good Day Annique Online Team,

I am extremely happy with the service and products that you have provided - I have tried every single skin range that there is and none of them compare - Annique really is a superior product. I have thoroughly enjoyed the online experience as it is very convenient - I don't normally have time to run around and fetch my products from all over the place and then online ordering is as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

I am ecstatic to find that your rescue cream has started to cure a bad case of eczema that I had on my arms - I was quite shocked that this worked as I have tried everything including prescription creams from the doctor. Thank you for the excellent products and fantastic customer service - I will definitely be using Annique Online as my supplier,

Warm Regards,




Just wanted to thank u for the order that i received so promptly.

The cleanser and freshener for normal skin is really clearing my skin. Thank u for
the great advice and the great service. 


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